The Yale H. Ferguson Fellowship for Innovation in Global Affairs

Yale H. Ferguson is a Professorial Fellow in the Division of Global Affairs at Rutgers University Newark and Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Global and International Affairs.  Professor Ferguson was one of DGA's founders and served as Co-Director from 2002-2008.  The Yale Ferguson Fellowship can be used for field research, conference travel, and research support.  Only DGA students are eligible to apply.  A Ferguson Fellow is expected to: 1) conduct research or fieldwork in an area related to global governance as it relates to US foreign policy; 2) offer a signature lecture to the DGA and Rutgers community about their work and research; 3) contribute to the public discourse by publishing an article or editoria in a relevant media or journal as a Yale Ferguson Fellow; 4) submit an assessment and evaluation of the research during and after the fellowship.  Benefits of the fellowship include a $5,000 research stipend and mentorship sessions with Dr. Ferguson.


  • The Fellow in 2017-2018:Willa Culpepper

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