Kearns, Ryan

Area of Study: 
Global Political Economy of Defense, Defense Economics
Proposed Dissertation Topic: 


Ryan Kearns received his B.A. in Economics at Fairleigh Dickinson University - College at Florham and his M.A. in Economics at Rutgers University - Newark.  Academic rewards he received at these institutions were the Fairleigh Dickinson University Dean’s Scholarship 2010-2014 and Rutgers Graduate School – Newark Scholarship Fall 2015. His current research interests in global affairs are in the areas of the global arms trade and defense industry.  His specific interest is in applying the latest quantitative methodologies towards the international defense industry to explain implicit phenomenon that can be beneficial in creating international policy. At Fairleigh Dickinson he was a four year varsity tennis player and is currently a certified member of the Professional Tennis Registry.


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