Han, Seungwoo

Area of Study: 
International Development, Development Policy, Institutionalism, Southeast Asia
Proposed Dissertation Topic: 

Seungwoo Han is a Ph.D student in Global Affairs at Rutgers University. Seungwoo studies development policy in developing world and he is interested in institution related studies. He earned Mater of Arts in International Development and Cooperation at Korea University, and he earned Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Linguistics at York University. As a researcher at Public Research Think Tank after earning his master’s degree, various research efforts on sustainable development have allowed him to better understand environmental issues, social development and public policy. He worked as a programme specialist at UNESCO Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) and it was another opportunity for him to make a contribution to the program for sustainable development through Global Citizenship Education (GCED). As a UNESCO programme specialist, he was in charge of GCED programs in collaboration with the governments and local NGOs in Southeast Asia.


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  • Korea Environment Institute. Asset Management for Water Infrastructure in order to Enhance Water Environment Service in Urban Water. KEI (Korea Environment Institute), 2014.
  • Korea Environment Institute. Water and Sustainable Development in Korea : A Country Case study. KEI (Korea Environment Institute), 2014.
  • Han, S. W. Urban Water Infrastructure Challenges in Republic of Korea: Rapid deterioration and Inappropriate maintenance Issues, Asia Pacific Youth Journal on Water (2), 2014.
  • Han, S. W. Social Development in Cambodia Rural Areas: Clean water supply and appropriate sanitation challenges in the Tonle Sap Lake Area. MA Theses. Korea University. 2013.

Research Award:

  • KIEP Emerging Economies Pathfinder (KEEP) (2013), Theme: Rural Development in Lao PDR and Korea’s ODA Policy Strategy (Funded by Korea Institute for International Economic Policy: KIEP)
  • Graduate Program for Area Studies Scholarship (2012), Theme: Research on water crisis in Developing countries (Southeast Asia) – Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Cambodia (Funded by Korea Institute for International Economic Policy: KIEP)

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