Bollempalli, Manasa

Area of Study: 
Gender equality, entrepreneurship, credit linkages, and sustainable development
Proposed Dissertation Topic: 


       I am interested in understanding the linkage between policy and practice, and studying the effects of ‘empowerment’ of Indian women.  Economic independence is one of the most fundamental means of empowerment, and entrepreneurship offers a very accessible form of earning as it is actively encouraged by developing states and doesn’t require any set prerequisites such as education, certifications, etc. I would like to specifically study financial inclusion policies designed to encourage entrepreneurial ventures by women at the grassroots levels in India and the world. My research questions can broadly be defined at the national level as, how can financial inclusion policies be designed so as to not be limited solely by providing access to resources, but to also include overall socio-economic development beyond prescribed gender roles? At a global level, I wish to study how international donor/credit bodies such as the World Bank and other foundations function in enabling such development practices, and can they aid beyond merely providing resources? 

Research Activities

  1. Fihl, Esther. Bollempalli, Manasa. “Exploring credit systems and financial inclusion among Jalari fisherwomen in Visakhapatnam”. Presented at EFL University Moral Interfaces International Conference, India, Oct 2015
  2. Bollempalli, Manasa. “Women’s Entrepreneurship: A Comparative Study of Gender and Cultural Influences in India and Britain”. MA Thesis. University of Copenhagen. 2013  
  3. Bollempalli, Manasa. “Individuals and Mass Movements: A study of the anti-corruption movement in India–Analysis of media discourse and conflicts. MA Term Paper. University of Copenhagen. 2011


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