Financial Aid

Financial Assistance

Please visit the Rutgers-Newark Office of Financial Aid for more information.

Teaching Assistantships

The Division of Global Affairs offers full-time Ph.D. students a number of highly competitive Teaching Assistantships providing full tuition and health benefits. Teaching Assistantships are offered on an annual basis for a maximum of three years. In order to qualify for Teaching Assistantships, incoming Ph.D. students must submit complete applications for graduate study at DGA by February 15th. The selection for Teaching Assistanships is essentially based on grades.

Applications require a personal statement, a writing sample, three letters of recommendation, cirriculum vitae, personal bio, transcripts and/or GRE scores or the equivalent.

Ongoing Ph.D. students and holders of Teaching Assistantships must re-apply in writing to the DGA Deputy Director by February 15th. All applicants must include a writing sample and three letters of recommendation. Holders of Teaching Assistantships must be full-time Ph.D. students and maintain an excellent academic record in order to qualify for renewal, which cannot be guaranteed even with first-rate performance. Recipients of Teaching Assistantships may not, except in extraordinary circumstances requiring the written approval of the DGA Deputy Director and the permission of the Graduate School, have outside employment with the exception of a DGA-approved Internship for which they receive academic credit. International students appointed as Teaching Assistants are required to take an oral proficiency test regardless of their TOEFL scores.

Dissertation Fellowships 

Dissertation Fellowships, which provide only a stipend and no tuition remission, are available from the Graduate School-Newark for Ph.D. students who are in their final year. These students must defend their dissertation and graduate by May of the same academic year. Applicants are generally selected by the DGA Director and Deputy Director. Interested students can submit a brief cover letter outlining their qualifications and a summary of their dissertation-related research. Dissertation Fellows must register for "Continued Matriculation" and satisfy all course and dissertation research credit requirements. Recipients of Dissertation Fellowships may not have outside employment, except in extremely extraordinary circumstances requiring the written approval of the DGA Deputy Director and permission of the Graduate School.

External Funding 

Ph.D. students are strongly encouraged to apply for outside funding as they approach the dissertation research and writing stage. For assistance with external support opportunities, please visit the Chaser Resource Center for Graduate Student External Support.

Atlantic Expedition - Modernizing Transatlantic Relations
Atlantische Initiative
Apply by:
Nov. 16. More info here

Matching Tuition Remission Awards 

Matching Tuition Remission Awards equal and are limited to nine credits of tuition remission per semester for two academic semesters, thus granting students full-time status. They are available to M.S. and Ph.D. students from the Graduate School-Newark. These awards are only available as matches against faculty-sponsored grants in which graduate students are provided full stipends and benefits. Interested students should inquire through the Deputy Director, require permission from the Dean of the Graduate School and will be provided as long as funding is available.

Federal Work-Study 

Federal Work-Study may be offered to students with financial aid needs as a self-help component of the financial aid award. For more information about Federal Work-Study jobs on and off campus contact the Office of Financial Aid.

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