Tuesday, November 29, 2016 is Rutgers Giving Day! (#RUGivingDay)

What is Rutgers Giving Day?
A university-wide, 24-hour day of fundraising, designed to engage and encourage alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends from across the world to make donations for their favorite Rutgers causes.

This Giving Day, DGA wants to show Rutgers University just how proud its students are to be Scarlet Raiders. Schools with more donors earn a larger percentage of the "challenge money" provided by the university - in addition to the money earned from direct dnations. Schools can also earn challenge money by having their supporters participate in various social media challenges throughout the day.

How can DGA students/faculty/staff participate?
DGA wants to show that its students are among the most spirited at Rutgers. By participating on social media with "RUGivingDay" and participating in social media challenges, students have a great chance to raise money for the program.

How can you help?

  • Donate to the DGA Gift Fund (link here)
  • Tweet, Instagram, and post on facebook with the hashtags #RUGivingDay and #RutgersDGA
  • Participate in RU Giving Day campus-wide challenges as well as social media challenges (check back for more info!)

By supporting the Division of Global Affairs, your contribution helps students pursue their research by helping with scholarships, travel funds, and more. Thank you!

Visit GivingDay.Rutgers.edu to learn more and sign up for Giving Day reminders!

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