Dr. Richard O'Meara Involved in Amicus Brief

April 5, 2018 - DGA Director Richard O'Meara, a retired United States Army Brigadier General, was one of 26 flag officers who filed an amicus brief in support of the state of Hawaii for the US Supreme Court trial "Trump v. Hawaii."

Amicus briefs are legal documents filed in appellate court cases by non-litigants with a strong interest in the subject matter. The briefs advise the court of relevant, additional information or arguments that the court might wish to consider. Flag officers, known as amici curiae, include officers who have served in senior command positions during war and as senior judge advocates general. Amici know matters of war and national security... amici have an interest in ensuring that national security policies poursued by the United States conform to the rule of law, and in protecting the safety of American service members of citizens.

This particular amicus brief in which Dr. O'Meara was involved argues that President Trump's travel ban of nationals from six Muslim-majority countries as well as North Koreans and Venezuelan government officials is unconstitutional.

Read a press release here: https://www.humanrightsfirst.org/press-release/retired-generals-and-admi...

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