DGA Delegation Attends ISA Annual Convention

April 5, 2018 - The Rutgers Division of Global Affairs has a strong relationship with the International Studies Association (ISA).  Each year, ISA holds an annual convention where scholars from around the world convene to present their research.  The 59th Annual Convention is being held April 4-7, 2018 in San Francisco, California.  Several DGA students, faculty, and alumni are attending this year.

  • Jeff Benvenuto, "From Cultural Genocide to Cultural Integrity: Co-Optation as a Mechanism of International Norm Dynamics"
  • Wei-hao Huang, "A Rusty but Provocative Knife? The Rationale behind China's Sanction Usage" and [co-authored with Don Lien and Dr. Xun Xiang] "The Rise of China and the US Response to the Establishment of Confucius Institutes"
  • Lillian Hussong, "Winter is Coming: A Comparison of American Grand Strategy and Maritime Operations in the Arctic and Baltic Regions"
  • Anna Ikeda, "Anti-US Military Base Movements: Understanding Power from a Civil Resistance Perspective"
  • Iuliia Kononenko Hoban, "Vulnerable Victims and/or Potential Threats: The Agenda-Setting Process in the Policy on the Detention of Child Soldiers"
  • Bridget Zino, "Law Versus Power: Exploring the Conditions that Influence Host Governments' Decisions to Cooperate with International Organizations that Provide Services to Refugees"
  • Dr. Yale Ferguson with Dr. Richard Mansbach, "Whither Globalization?"
  • Dr. Alexander Hinton, "The Trials of Transition in Cambodia: Truth, Knowledge, and Power at the Khmer Rouge Trial"
  • Dr. Alison Howell, roundtable participant in "De-Military (Studies?) as a Possibility for International Relations," "Navigating 'Power of Rules and Rule of Power' in the Profession while Queer, Trans, Femme/Women and/or Racialized: On Mentoring and Being Mentored," and "If Matter Matters: New Materialism and the Next Great Debate in IR"
  • Dr. Alison Howell, "The Martial Politics of Military Science: Disability, Race, and Mobilizations of War," and "War and the Production of Global Racial Formations: The Role of Military Science from White Supremacy to Race Liberalism"


  • Sabrina Axster (Johns Hopkins PhD student), "Unpacking Refugee Myths in Comics: Towards an Understanding of the Racialized Underpinnings of Refugee Discourse"
  • Dr. Douglas Irvin-Erickson (George Mason University), "Dying in the Age of Vacuity: Genocide, Terrorism, and Other Visions of Good Guys and Bad Guys"
  • Dr. Michael Toomey (University of Limerick), "Assessing the External Dimension of Democratization in the Democratic Trajectories of Hungary and Ukraine"
  • Dr. Michael Toomey (University of Limerick) with Xinhe Zhou and Xin Yan, "Examining the Effectiveness of Using Role-Play Gaming to Teach Comparative Politics to Chinese Students"
  • Dr. Simone Martin (LIU-Brooklyn), "An Evaluation of Maternal Health and Parenting Programs on Child Health Outcomes: A Case Study of a Community-Based Organization in the Western Cape, South Africa"
  • Dr. Christopher Primiano (University of Nottingham, Ningbo), "Flexibility in China’s Actions in the South China Sea: China’s Relations with the Philippines since Duterte"
  • Dr. Christopher Primiano (University of Nottingham, Ningbo) with Gregory J. Moore, "Audience Costs and China's Island Building"

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