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Alumni Theresa Hunt Publishes Article on Women's Studies

September 2013: Dr. Theresa Hunt, class of 2012, recently published an article entitled, "Transcending Polarization? Strategic Identity Construction in Young Women's Transnational Feminist Networks" in the Women's Studies International Forum (Volume 40, September-October 2013; pp. 152-161)

DGA Student Summer Highlights

July 22, 2013 On July 19, Ph.D. Student Ashlie Perry was notified that she was the recipient of the Executive Women of New Jersey's Graduate Merit award for 2013. The organization is dedicated to identifying and building meaningful relationships between executive women across the state. On July 18, Ph.D. Student Michael Toomey was awarded a [...]

Dr. Kennedy Presents at TSAS Conference

June 13, 2013: The Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society (TSAS) held their conference in Ottawa, Canada on May 2 and 3, 2013. Dr. Leslie Kennedy was invited to join a panel on Innovations in Methods to Analyze Terrorism and its Response. His talk was entitled, Global Threats to Security: Risk Terrain Modeling and Risk [...]

Incoming Ph.D. Student is Given a Scholarship at the National Chengchi University

June 13, 2013: Incoming Ph.D. Student Christopher Primiano was awarded a scholarship from the National Chengchi University in Taiwan to conduct research. His scholarship covers all expenses and will give Christopher the opportunity to research at one of Taiwan's most prestigious universities.

Ph.D. Candidate Karolina Lula on the Definition of Terrorism

May 29, 2013: Ph.D candidate Karolina Lula has published a post with The Monkey Cage on the concept of terrorism and how it can be defined entitled, "Why Defining Terrorism Matters".

Ph.D. Candidate Michael Zboray Receives National Fellowship

April 24, 2013: DGA Ph.D. Candidate Michael Zboray has been selected as a recipient of the International Research and Exchange Board (IREX) fellowship, sponsored by the U.S Department of State. The fellowship is under the Individual Advanced Research Opportunities and will provide Michael with the opportunity to perform research abroad.

SAGA Holds its Annual Food & Music Festival

April 16, 2013   The Student Association of Global Affairs held its annual Food & Music Festival on April 11. The festival featured food and music from around the globe, celebrating the diversity of the Division of Global Affairs (DGA) and the Rutgers-Newark campus. In it's sixth year at DGA, the Food festival has become a staple [...]

Dr. Simon Reich on North Korea

April 10, 2013: As the situation between North Korea and the United States intensifies, Professor Simon Reich explains why and how it can escalate to the point of war. In an interview with EBRU News, Professor Reich says that "If you think about most causes of war, why conflict fact a lot is the result of miscalculation and [...]

Dr. Simon Reich on the Budget Cuts

April 1, 2013: Professor Simon Reich has published an article with The Conversation entitled, "Budget Cuts: Will American Military Power Suffer?" The article takes a nonpartisan view of the budget cuts and its impact on the defense budget.

Asia Pacific Week 2013

March 3, 2013: Asia Pacific Week 2013 will be the third conference of its kind hosted by The Australian National University and will explore the theme of ‘Pushing Boundaries’. The conference will bring together 100 student delegates from around the world to discuss the significant and controversial issues facing the Asia Pacific region in the 21st [...]

Dr. Simon Reich Speaks at Paris-Sorbonne University about 9/11

January 30, 2013: Dr. Simon Reich, Professor of Global Affairs, speaks at Paris-Sorbonne University about 9/11 and the differing perspectives of the U.S., U.K. and France. The presentation was entitled,  "Immigration Policies, Counter-Terrorism and Civil Liberties since 9/11-Towards Convergence or Sustained Differences in the US, the UK and France [...]

DGA Director Jean-Marc Coicaud is Interviewed by New Center at Rutgers New Brunswick

January 25, 2013: DGA Director Jean-Marc Coicaud was interviewed by Rutgers New Brunswick's new Center for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA). In the interview, Dr. Coicaud explains his plans for the Division of Global Affairs (DGA) and what can be expected in the future. DGA and GAIA partner on many occasions, both bringing [...]

DGA Ph.D. Student Judith Stoddard Presents Paper in Japan

January 25, 2012: DGA Ph.D. Student, Judith Stoddard, recently presented a paper entitled, “A Comparative Analysis of the Emergence of Major Violent and Nonviolent Opposition Campaigns” at the International Peace Research Association bi-annual conference, which was held late last year at Mei University in Tsu-Mei, Japan. Her paper addresses why [...]

Just Released: The Newest Edition of The Rutgers Humanist

January 14, 2013: The Rutgers Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights  has published its third edition (Winter 2012-2013) of  the Rutgers Humanist which  features several DGA students and their research. This edition contains articles ranging from the U.S. school system to the quest for justice in Cambodia.

Dr. Simon Reich Discusses the Future of Syria on EBRU News

December 14, 2012: DGA Professor Simon Reich was interviewed by EBRU News about the conflict in Syria and what he believes will be the outcome of this nearly two year conflict. The interview can be found on EBRU TV.

SAGA Holds its Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

November 14, 2012 The Student Association of Global Affairs (SAGA) held its annual Thanksgiving dinner for DGA students on November 13. The dinner is a potluck dinner where each student brings a dish that not only represents the traditional Thanksgiving dinner but the diverse student body of DGA. While staple dishes such as turkey and cranberries [...]

Professor Simon Reich on What to Expect after the Elections

November 14, 2012: Professor Simon Reich gives insight into what American's should expect after the 2012 Presidential elections in his article with The Conversation entitled, "Foreign Affairs: What Can We Expect from Obama’s Second Term?"

Professor Coicaud is Selected as a Carnegie Council Global Ethics Fellow

October 25, 2012: Professor Jean-Marc Coicaud, Director of the Division of Global Affairs and Professor of Law at the Rutgers School of Law, was selected as a Global Ethics Fellow by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. Global Ethics Fellows are a key part of the Carnegie Council’s Global Ethics Network, which supports [...]

OneVoice Comes to Rutgers University

October 19, 2012: OneVoice, a grassroots movement aimed to bring peace to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a two-state solution, brought the debate to Rutgers University. DGA Ph.D. Student Melissa Kronfeld participated in the event that drew six area universities, including NYU and Princeton,  to promote dialogue and an exchange of ideas [...]

Dr. Simon Reich "Can America Lead?"

October 15, 2012: Professor Simon Reich, DGA core faculty member and Professor of Political Science, discusses the decline of the U.S. influence internationally and the impact the U.S. Presidential elections may have on the international community's view of the U.S. in his most recent article titled, "Can America Lead? The Presidential Debate and [...]


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