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Yazidi Women and the Definition of "Human"

In his latest piece for The Conversation entitled, "The treatment of Yazidi women highlights a historical issue: what makes someone human?" Dr. Simon Reich discusses how identity politics can provide explanations for the unjustifiable subordination of groups in current and historical events.  The behavior of ISIS, especially in regards to the [...]

Administration's Congressional Testimony on Iran Nuclear Deal

Professor of Global Affairs Dr. Simon Reich’s latest piece for The Conversation covers United States Secretary of State John Kerry’s congressional testimony on the Iran nuclear deal. Entitled "Will the administration's congressional testimony tilt the balance?" the article addresses reactions and the substance of the testimony on the Iran nuclear [...]

Africa Needs More Infrastructure Investment

Global Affairs Ph.D. student Yvan Yenda Ilunga's most recent contributing piece to The Conversation has been published. The article is entitled "Africa Needs More Infrastructure Investment that Boosts Long-Term Job Growth"  and discusses the strategies and differences between investments going into African states from the United States and China [...]

Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery

Global Affairs Ph.D. candidate Melissa Jane Kronfeld was responsible for overseeing the Nexus Youth Summit’s Working Group on Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery.  The report is a compendium of information on the abolition movement acquired over the course of the past 16 months. Contributing to the report were weekly virtual presentations that [...]

Conversations in Global Affairs: Global Governance, SDGs, and Ethics

The Conversations in Global Affairs series discusses the greatest challenges and changes in the field with policymakers, thinkers, and activists in global affairs. This project begins on Friday June 26, 2015 when Global Affairs Ph.D. student Lynette E. Sieger visited the International Christian University campus in Tokyo, Japan.  There she met [...]

Dr. Cantwell on Innovation and Emerging Markets

Distinguished Professor of International Business and Global Affairs Dr. John Cantwell delivered a keynote lecture at the Asian Academy of Management and the Taiwan Academy of Management joint Biennial Conference "Innovation for and from Asian Emerging Markets".  The conference was held at the Chinese University in Hong Kong and ran from June 22nd [...]

Ph.D. Candidate Simone Bridgemohan Presents in Peru

On Friday June 5th 2015 Global Affairs Ph.D. candidate Simone Bridgemohan presented her research and preliminary findings of her dissertation research at the Universidad Privada Antonio Guillermo Urrelo (UPAGU) in Cajamarca, Peru. The presentation took place as part of UPAGU's conference, "Posgrado Internacional en Derecho Civil, Procesal Civil y [...]

War and Ethics: La Guerre en question

June 2015 Presses Universitaires de Lyon is releasing a new publication entitled La Guerre en question. Conflits contemporains, théorie politique et débats normatifs.  Edited by Julie Saada, lecturer in philosophy at the University of Artois and Sciences Po Paris, the book is a collection of essays by the worlds leading international scholars on [...]

Rutgers Humanist Spring 2015 Edition Features Global Affairs Student Pieces

The Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights recently published its Spring 2015 edition of the Rutgers Humanist. The theme is local roots.  The Rutgers Humanist features an interview with Dr. Nancy Cantor the Chancellor of Rutgers University-Newark as well as articles by academics including Global Affairs Ph.D. candidates Jeff Benvenuto [...]

Dr. Cantwell Gives Opening Keynote at Conference on Fueling Innovation in the Global Economy

On Friday May 1st, 2015 Distinguished Professor of International Business and Global Affairs Dr. John Cantwell gave the opening keynote lecture at the Conference on Fueling Innovation in the Global Economy, at George Washington University, in Washington DC. His talk was entitled ‘The Role of International Business in the Global Spread of [...]

Dr. John Cantwell on International Business, Innovation and Global Knowledge

Distinguished Professor and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of International Business Studies, and Professor of Global Affairs Dr. John Cantwell's most recent article in the area of innovation and competence creation in international business has been published in the May issue of The World Economy. The article, entitled "New Competence Creation in [...]

Feature: Global Policy Course

The Division of Global Affairs Global Policy seminar is one of our offered courses that uniquely prepares graduate scholars at the masters and doctoral level for careers in academia and global public policy.  Our Global Policy Seminar is offered on an annual basis and is taught by Global Affairs Visiting Professors of Global Practice who are [...]

Professor Ferguson Delivers Lecture at Savannah Council on World Affairs

On Thursday May 7th, 2015 Professorial Fellow at the Division of Global Affairs  Dr. Yale Ferguson delivered a lecture entitled "Turkey and the EU: The Context Changes Again" for the Savannah Council on World Affairs. The talk was especially timely with important Turkish elections set for June 7th.  Access the full lecture at the following link. [...]

Faculty Publication: Business, Brokers and Borders: The Structure of West African Trade Networks

On May 26, 2015 the Journal of Development Studies published Division of Global Affairs Visiting Faculty Dr. Olivier Walther's article "Business, Brokers and Borders: The Structure of West African Trade Networks". The article can be accessed in full here. Abstract The objective of this paper is to show how a formal approach to networks can make a [...]

Ph.D. Candidate Publication: The Impact of International Perception on China's Approach to Human Rights

On May 23, 2015 East Asia: an International Quarterly published Division of Global Affairs Ph.D. Candidate Chris Primiano's article "The Impact of International Perception on  China's Approach to Human Rights". The article can be accessed in full here. Abstract Given the tremendous amount of money that China has poured into events such as the 2008 [...]

2015 Division of Global Affairs Graduating Class

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." ~Mahatma Gandhi On Monday May 18, 2015 Rutgers University-Newark held commencement at the Prudential Center. We wish heartfelt congratulations to all our Ph.D. and M.S. in Global Affairs graduates!  The Division of Global Affairs also held an awards ceremony and reception [...]

Rutgers Today Features Graduate of Global Affairs

M.S. graduate Henry Ramer is featured in Rutgers Today. Mr. Ramer, who speaks four languages, worked on an Israeli kibbutz and has visited more 50 countries, felt drawn to the global affairs program at Rutgers-Newark following retirement. The full story could be accessed at the following link.

Research by Ph.D. Students Published in Forthcoming Articles

Christopher Primiano's article entitled, “The Impact of International Perception on China’s Approach to Human Rights,” is scheduled for publication in East Asia: An International Quarterly.  Relatedly, Primiano also collaborated with fellow Global Affairs Ph.D. Student Wei-hao Huang and Global Affairs Professor Jun Xiang to produce another piece [...]

Ph.D. Alumnus Esref Ertük Publishes Book

Division of Global Affairs Ph.D. Alumnus Esref Ertük publishes, How Turkish Immigrants in Europe Respond to Islamophobia and Securitization.  Dr. Ertük defended his dissertation in May 2014 and is now working in the Turkish National Police within the area of Security Science and Global Affairs. His book analyzes [...]

Elections Officer at the UN and Global Affairs Ph.D. Candidate

In addition to being a Ph.D. candidate at the Division of Global Affairs who is busily working on her dissertation, Sarah Husseini is also Elections Officer at the Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations. Ms. Husseini began as an intern in 2010, moving then to training, and was hired at the beginning of 2012. Prior to her current [...]


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