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Dr. Jean-Marc Coicaud Elected to Prestigious European Academy

Rutgers Law Professor Jean-Marc Coicaud, Professor of Law and Global Affairs and the Director of the Division of Global Affairs, has been elected to the prestigious Academia Europaea, the European Academy of Sciences, made up of scientists and scholars of distinction. “I am extremely honored to be elected a new member of the Academy,” he said. [...]

Doctoral Students Present Invited Papers at Conference on Memory and Remembrance

On October 8th and 9th, doctoral students Laurie Cohen and Kelsey Lizotte attended Translating Memory and Remembrance Across the Disciplines, at the State University of New York, New Paltz. The two-day conference was the first of two sessions, the second of which will be held in March 2016. Marianne Hirsch (Professor of English and Comparative [...]

Dr. Simon Reich Publishes Piece in Fortune Magazine

On October 14, 2015, Professor Simon Reich published a piece entitled, "What Gun Control can Teach the U.S. about Accepting More Refugees," in Fortune Magazine.  His article explores the American response to the migrant crisis in Europe. Dr. Reich maintains a regular column for The Conversation.

Closing the Deal: America, Iran, and the Nuclear Treaty of 2015

Board of Governors Professor of Political Science and Professor of Global Affairs Dr. Stephen Bronner presents an analysis of the Iran nuclear deal in Reader Supported News which has made the republication of the article from the original platform possible on this site. Among his professional roles Dr. Bronner serves on the Executive Committee of [...]

Professorial Fellow Yale Ferguson Presents Research in Germany and Italy

Division of Global Affairs Professorial Fellow Yale Ferguson gave a paper on “Competing Identities and Turkey’s Future” on the Keynote Social Science panel at the Annual Meeting of Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe) in Darmstadt, Germany, September 9th. On September 24th he also presented a paper co-authored with Richard Mansbach on “The [...]

The Retreat of Globalization

In his latest piece for The Conversation entitled, "The pope, the premier, the president – and the retreat of globalization" Dr. Simon Reich discusses challenges to the processes of  globalization in the the context of Pope Francis's and Xi Jinping's visits to the United States. Read Professor Reich's entire column here.  

Dr. Simon Reich Publishes Article in "Survival"

On September 23rd, 2015, Dr. Reich, Professor of Global Affairs, published an article "Strategy of Sponsorship"  (co-authored with Dr. Peter Dombrowski) in "Survival." The article presents an analysis of a sponsorship approach to American grand strategy. Sponsorship offers a distinct strategy that can either define a grand strategy or complement [...]

2015: International Year of Evaluation

 2015 marks the designated International Year of Evaluation. Visiting Professor of Global Practice Dr. Juha  Uitto was selected as an influential leader in evaluation and interviewed as part of a project, EvalStory. Produced by EvalPartners and Universalia (a Canadian management consulting firm) the goals of the project are linked to strengthening [...]

Conversations in Global Affairs: Dr. Joel Rosenthal on Ethics in International Affairs, Realism, Pluralism, and the Iran Deal

The Conversations in Global Affairs series discusses the greatest challenges and changes in the field with policymakers, thinkers, and activists in global affairs. On Tuesday August 25, 2015 Global Affairs Ph.D. students Lynette E. Sieger and Kelsey Lizotte visited the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (CCEIA) in Manhattan, NY [...]

Global Affairs Alumna Receives Appointment at Concordia College

We are pleased to announce that Division of Global Affairs Ph.D. Alumna, Joanna Maulbeck accepted a position of Assistant Professor at the Department of Education at Concordia College in Bronxville, NY. She recently defended her dissertation entitled “Understanding Dynamics that Shape Immigrant Student Experience: A Case Study of an Urban [...]

The Role of Germany in Europe's Twin Crises

ln his contribution to London School of Economics EUROPP blog entitled, "The Two Faces of Germany: How Germany’s Support for Refugees could Counteract Criticism of its Handling of the Greek Debt Crisis" Dr. Simon Reich reflects on the role of Germany in migrant and financial crises.  Dr. Reich argues that German willingness to accept high numbers [...]

P.J. Blount Elected to International Institute of Space Law Board of Directors

Summer 2015 Division of Global Affairs Ph.D. candidate P.J. Blount was elected to the Board of Directors of the International Institute of Space Law (IISL).  Founded in 1960 IISL facilitates cooperation with national regimes and international organizations in the field of space law. IISL  is at the forefront of engineering and developing space law [...]

Rawls' Theory of Justice and the Iran Deal

In his latest piece for The Conversation entitled, "Obama, the Iran deal and Rawls' Theory of Justice" Dr. Simon Reich applies John Rawls' framework of a 'veil of ignorance' to the controversy over the Iran Deal. Read Professor Reich's entire column here.

Graduate Research: Terrorism, Targeted Violence, and Mass Casualty Attacks

Global Affairs M.S. student Kathryn Duffy  developed her research interest in violent extremism through an independent study project facilitated by Professor John Cohen (Rutgers School of Criminal Justice). Her paper, entitled: “Today’s Lone Wolves: A Shift in Perspective” analyzes patterns evidenced in ideologically and non-ideologically [...]

International Law, the Responsibility to Protect and International Crises

Cambridge University Press has released the new publication Theorising the Responsibility to Protect. Edited by Ramesh Thakur and William Maley the book is a collection of essays written by leading theorists and policy makers in the area of conflict and the responsibility to protect. Among the collections contributors is Professor of Law and [...]

Possible Future Worlds: Essays by Carnegie Council's Ethics Fellows for the Future

Future Worlds: The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs has published a collection of essays produced by 2014-2015 Global Ethics Fellows for the Future.  The collection is entitled Possible Future Worlds: Essays by Carnegie Council's Ethics Fellows for the Future 2015 and is divided into four thematic sections: Determining Values; [...]

Emotions and Passions in International Relations: Germany and Japan the Making of World War II

Professor of Law and Global Affairs and the director of the Division of Global Affairs Dr. Jean-Marc Coicaud  has published his third and final article for a series on the subject of emotions and passions in international relations in Cambridge University Press's Japanese Journal of Political Science. Entitled “A Brief Case Study of Germany and [...]

World Bank Project: Evaluating Crime, Transport Data, and Infrastructure

Global Affairs Ph.D. candidate Alejandro Giménez-Santana has been a team member on a project with the World Bank entitled "Evaluating Crime, Transport Data and Infrastructure in Bogotá". As part of the project he was sent to Bogotá city to present local authorities and other stakeholders the research findings. The project was based on the use of a [...]

Call for Nominations: 2016 European Studies Book Award

Call for Nominations: 2016 European Studies Book Award The European Studies Book Award honors the work of new scholars and is awarded to the best first book on any subject in European Studies published in a two-year period.  A multi-disciplinary Book Award Committee will choose the winner and a formal presentation of the award will be conducted [...]

Yazidi Women and the Definition of "Human"

In his latest piece for The Conversation entitled, "The treatment of Yazidi women highlights a historical issue: what makes someone human?" Dr. Simon Reich discusses how identity politics can provide explanations for the unjustifiable subordination of groups in current and historical events.  The behavior of ISIS, especially in regards to the [...]


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