Bridget Zino

  • Dissertation Title:  All Children are Welcome? Variance of National Refugee Policies and the Impact on Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon.
  • Description:In March 2011, protesters in Syria demanded the release of political prisoners, sparking the uprising and the subsequent civil war in Syria. By December 2016, there were approximately 6.5 million individually displaced persons in Syria. There were an additional 4,837,731 registered Syrian refugees who fled Syria primarily seeking refuge in the surrounding countries of Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. This latter number included hundreds of thousands of school-aged children. As of December 2016, Turkey is host to approximately 845,364 school-aged Syrian refugees of which only 341,689 or 40.4% are enrolled in school; Jordan is host to approximately 232,470 school-aged Syrian refugees of which only 191,161 or 82.2% are enrolled in school; and Lebanon is host to approximately 379,299 school-aged Syrian refugees of which only 209,086 or 55.1% are enrolled in school. These three host countries have guaranteed access to education under the terms of international conventions that protect children, their participation in global education forums like the World Education Forum, and the expressed goals of their national refugee education policy yet there is variance in the refugee enrollment rates. This dissertation seeks to account for the differences in refugee enrollment rates.
  • Committee: Simon Reich (Chair), Jean-Marc Coicaud, Gregg Van Ryzin, and Mary Mendenhall (Columbia University)
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