The Division of Global Affairs offers two degrees in Global Affairs, a Master of Science (residence and online) and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Global Affairs. Students are also eligible to obtain Certificates in specific Areas of Inquiry without matriculation in either the M.S. or Ph.D. programs. The M.S. degree requires 40 credits and the Ph.D. requires completion of 73 credits, 21 of those being for dissertation research. Students also have the option to pursue dual M.S./Ph.D. degrees in Global Affairs and International Business, Global Affairs and Law, or Global Affairs and Public Policy. Emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of decision making in the 21st century, students are required to get out of their comfort zones, study all issues and disciplines which may impact a particular area of inquiry, and then, if they they choose, use their electives to specialize in one or more areas. 

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