Global Affairs Director's Welcome


Dr. Richard O'Meara

Those of us who are privileged to work and study in the Division of Global Affairs (DGA) here at Rutgers University--students, faculty and administrators--are keenly aware of the immensely important opportunities which present themselves as we look at the world through an interdisciplinary lens. We are aware that the world operates with multiple parts, states, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, amongst others, and that finding ways to understand and serve these various constituencies in order to progress towards some measure of peace and security for the people of the world is an important goal. DGA is dedicated to training the future leaders of the international community, scholars as well as leaders of institutions. Our alumni work in multiple states, in multiple environments, in multiple academic institutions, and for multiple purposes. They are well respected and successful.  They all share strong critical thinking skills in their analysis and the knowledge that no one academic discipline can solve the numerous problems which confront them.

The M.S. and especially the Ph.D. program provide a unique opportunity for students to move beyond the rigors of single majors. The multiple electives and concentrations permit students to focus on specific areas such as development, security, political economy/business, international law, environment, and human rights in order to accommodate their career goals and interests. DGA’s location, in the greater New York City area and a train’s ride to Washington D.C., permits students to interface with the United Nations, and various U.S. government departments and agencies.   Faculty mentors and dissertation Chairs are masters in their particular fields and come from throughout the university community.

DGA is dedicated to moving students through their various programs in an efficacious and efficient manner.

DGA continues to be a work in progress, on the cutting edge of pedagogy which addresses the multiple challenges of the global experience. It aspires to be a special place which accommodates all serious students from around the world who seek to learn in a fresh and innovative environment. Welcome!

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