Dr. Simon Reich Publishes Article in "Survival"

On September 23rd, 2015, Dr. Reich, Professor of Global Affairs, published an article "Strategy of Sponsorship"  (co-authored with Dr. Peter Dombrowski) in "Survival." The article presents an analysis of a sponsorship approach to American grand strategy. Sponsorship offers a distinct strategy that can either define a grand strategy or complement others by being used in varied policy areas. Strategic patience is a key component of sponsorship strategies because they involve the provision of material and moral resources in support of policies largely advocated and initiated by other actors, whether allies, coalitions of states, global or regional institutions, or even, on occasion, non-state actors. In that sense, sponsorship strategies bolster and subsidise allies who share America's interests and are motivated to implement them. Exploring different sponsorship strategies, the article looks at two different sets of examples: Proliferation Security Initiative and international campaign against human trafficking, on the one side, and regime change in Libya in 2011, and the ongoing war Iraq is waging against ISIS, on the other. The article demonstrates the viability of this approach for American policymakers seeking new ways and means to pursue US interests.

The article is available here.

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